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Album Release Notes: Elegy – Akropolis Reed Quintet

In its original form, Elegy is the second movement of my Duo Sonata for clarinet and alto saxophone, which was composed in late 2001 for saxophonist Timothy McAllister and clarinetist Alan Woy. I composed this movement in the span of about 2 hours on a Sunday in November that year. It was the first bit of music I composed after the terrible events of 9/11, two months earlier. It wasn’t until about 5 or 6 years ago that I began acknowledging that the Elegy might be a reaction to the events of that horrible and tragic day.

I like to think of Elegy now as an opportunity for listeners to use on their own terms: perhaps to remember a loved one lost – or just to simply listen.

At their request, I created a version of Elegy for Akropolis Reed Quintet in 2016. They recorded Elegy for my forthcoming album Light and Shadows, Waves and Time to be released on Navona Records on April 13, 2018.

Here is Akropolis Reed Quintet’s beautiful and moving performance taken from their Web Premiere Event.

Akropolis Reed Quintet’s Web Premiere Event, which took place on 27 September 2017 was preceded by a short interview with Matt Landy of Akropolis via Facebook Live. I had a little trouble connecting at the beginning, but after about three minutes, we finally managed to chat. We discussed Elegy in its original form and this new version for reed quintet, and discussed my upcoming album to be released in Spring 2018 on PARMA Recordings. I hope you enjoy this bit of insight!


Pre-order Light and Shadows, Waves and Time.

Album Release Notes: Out of Mind, Into Body

A little info about the origins and recording of Out of Mind, Into Body, for solo bass clarinet, from my forthcoming album Light and Shadows, Waves and Time to be released on Navona Records on April 13, 2018. This recording features bass clarinetist John Friedrichs. It was recorded by Rob Zolner at Sara M. Snell Music Theater… Continue Reading

Album release notes: Comments about …unsettled, unphased…

Robert Young and Amir Young put together this wonderful video during the rehearsals and recording of …unsettled, unphased…, the second on Light and Shadows, Waves and Time to be released on Navona Records on April 13, 2018. The track features Robert Young on tenor saxophone, pianist M. Maxwell Howard, John Geggie on double bass, and… Continue Reading


It is difficult to fathom the current state of the United States and the World. Messages of hate and violence appear to overshadow messages of love and peace, and injustices to the planet and most of her population are met with no response from those who are in positions of power. I have no intention… Continue Reading

A few short memories of Ladislav Kubík

I was sad to hear the news on late Friday night that Ladislav Kubík had passed away. Ladia was my composition teacher, who became my mentor and friend during my time as a graduate student at Florida State University in the early 90s. There have been many wonderful tributes to him over the weekend; it… Continue Reading

Laude! New Music for The Holidays.

Laude! is my latest collaboration with my friend and partner in crime Garth Bardsley. Approximately 23 minutes in duration, Laude! celebrates celebrates Peace and Hope during a time of emptiness and despair. The work borrows melodies and words from the 13th century Italian Codex Laudario di Cortona with the addition of profound and beautiful contemporary words by Garth Bardsley. Laude! is… Continue Reading

About “of Light and Shadows”

of Light and Shadows is my second sonata for alto saxophone and piano. Composed fifteen years after my first, deus sax machina, the piece is in two contrasting movements that reflect on the interactions between light and light’s shadow-creating obstructors. The first movement, Luminant Shadows, is a slow and sustained nocturne in arch form. The… Continue Reading

Duo Entre Nous‬ and Gregory Wanamaker

Nice words about Ragahoro Breakdown by Melissa Morales from Lisa’s Clarinet Shop. “Earlier this week the saxophone and clarinet duo Duo Entre Nous‬ released a recording of a new work, Ragahoro Breakdown, that they commissioned from composer and Crane School of Music at SUNY Potsdam professor, Gregory Wanamaker. Duo members Jackie Glazier, Clarinet and Don-Paul… Continue Reading

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