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Nearly six months after its release, it’s good to know that some nice reviews are coming in for LIGHT AND SHADOWS, WAVES AND TIME.

The latest comes from Sven Godenrath, a critic and opera aficionado from Hamburg, who includes the following:

In the first part of “Light and Shadows – Luminant shadows” begins the piano, played by Liz Ames very restrained, tender in pianissimo. Stephen Page proves here on the alto saxophone that you can inspire your audience with withdrawn, restrained, delicate tones.

A CD that saxophone fans have been waiting for too long.

Read the entire review here.

And to saxophone fans and others who like magnificently performed chamber music, there is no need to wait! You can order the CD right now!

Or for the more digitally inclined, here are more options to listen.


The First Review is In for Robert Young’s HYBRID!

  Robert Young’s album HYBRID was released in February, and the reviews are just beginning! His brilliant collection features music by Misha Zupko, David Heinick, Baljinder Sekhon, Tim Sullivan, and yours truly. HYBRID closes with a fabulous recording of my …unsettled, unphased…, featuring Robert Young playing tenor saxophone, pianist M. Maxwell Howard, bassist John Geggie, and… Continue Reading

10 Year Anniversary!

I’m a few days late for this one, but as I finished composing of Light and Shadows, I realized that this week marks the 10 year anniversary of the completion of my 2005 Saxophone Quartet. (It was completed on July 21, 2005.) Composed for Ara Quartet, I approached this piece as an opportunity to exploit… Continue Reading

Throwback Thursday (Happy Birthday, Mr. Sax!)

In honor of the 200th Birthday of Adolphe Sax (and Throwback Thursday), here is an excerpt of my first work with saxophone. Cyclic Movements was composed in 1995 at the request of Patrick Meighan while I was a graduate student at Florida State University. This recording of the second movement is from the premiere performance, which… Continue Reading

Donald Sinta Quartet

2013 Concert Artist Guild winners Donald Sinta Quartet performed and taught masterclasses at the Potsdam Single Reed Summit this weekend. I am so incredibly fortunate that they have been performing speed metal organum blues and Elegy on their tours all over the world for the past couple years. The recently recorded Elegy for an upcoming episode… Continue Reading

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