Bence Bubreg and Me
Szentendre, Hungary
8 July 2018

My new friends Bubreg² had a great 2018 with successes all over Europe. I had the pleasure of meeting clarinetist Bence Bubreg in Szentendre, Hungary last July and thoroughly enjoyed a wonderful conversation about all things musical – from performance to composition and beyond. Unfortunately, his brother, saxophonist Márton was unable to join us as he was preparing for a solo competition that day.

Click HERE to listen to a radio broadcast of the June 11, 2018 Concertino Praga Winners Concert in Česky Krumlov. Bubreg² perform Departure and Arrival from my Duo Sonata beginning at 57:00. Their virtuosity is incredible, as is their innate ability to communicate as one entity.

Check out this retrospective of their year – and enjoy their terrific studio performance of “Departure” from my Duo Sonata at the 3:00 mark:

Read more about Bubreg² here and be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for them! Also, keep an eye out for their winner’s CD featuring their virtuosic performance of Departure and Arrival from my Duo Sonata and so much more.

P.S. Here is a low-res video, courtesy of Zsuzsanna Dobay, of their Česky Krumlov performance of the outer movements of my Duo Sonata:

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