Elegy (2002/2015)

Akropolis Reed Quintet’s beautifully moving Web Premiere of Elegy, originally scored for clarinet and alto saxophone, scored for reed quintet


Night Set (2017)

Night Set is a work for soprano saxophone and piano in three movements representing nocturnal images, sounds, and situations. It was commissioned by an international consortium of twenty-two saxophonists. This video features Matthew Younglove and Liz Ames in performance on April 6, 2018 at Wayne State University’s Schaver Music Recital Hall in Detroit Michigan.

1. Night Sparks (0:00)
2. Night Song (3:09)
3. Night Ride (8:46)


of Light and Shadows (2015)

of Light and Shadows is my second sonata for alto saxophone and piano, composed fifteen years after my first, Sonata deus sax machina. It was commissioned by a consortium of saxophonists initiated by pianist Liz Ames. This video is of Stephen Page’s and Cameron Hofmann’s beautiful performance at Bates Recital Hall, Butler School of Music, University of Texas at Austin on October 28, 2016.

des ondes et les temps (2015)

Casey Grev’s beautiful performance of des ondes et les temps on 15 February 2017 in Snell Theater, The Crane School of Music, SUNY Potsdam.

Originally for flute, des ondes et les temps (of waves and time) is composed in honor of William and Frances Averitt in celebration of their retirement from Shenandoah University. My first composition under Will’s guidance, Two Movements for Solo Flute, was premiered and performed several times by Charlene Baughan (now Charlene Romano) during the spring of 1988. The two movements individually were called Hourglass and ClockworkAfter 25 years, des ondes et les temps may be a far more mature third movement, partly due to the title’s reference to time, but mostly because It contains quotes of that first, early piece in the frame of a perpetuum mobile.


The Madding Crowd (2013)

(from A Story Within A Story)

Video by Carrie Mae Weems
Music and Sound Design by Gregory Wanamaker

The Madding Crowd superimposes spoken quotations and dialogue about civil rights from civil rights figures from (mostly) the early to mid 1960s over Carrie’s powerful montage of video images from the Civil Rights Movement of the 60s and 70s as a gentle ostinato and slowly developing contrapuntal lines gradually crescendo. Voices include James Baldwin, Malcolm X, Dorothy Height, Shirley Chisolm, William F. Buckley, Sidney Poitier, Charlton Heston, Fannie Lou Hamer, Marlon Brando, Harry Belefonte, and many others.

…unsettled, unphased… (2014)

Composed for saxophonist Robert Young and percussionist Tim Sullivan, this third-streamy quartet also features pianist Kirk Severtson and bassist John Geggie. This is a live recording of the world premiere.

Elegy (2005)

(String Quartet Version)

yes with a BANG! (2014)

Christopher Creviston and Arizona State University commissioned this concert opener or closer for saxophone ensemble. Not with a whimper…

Stella Nuova (2014)

Brand new music for the Holidays based on a 15th Century Italian lauda with additional words by my frequent collaborator Garth Bardsley.

This recording is from the World Premiere performance by The Crane Chorus and Orchestra conducted by Jeffrey Francom on December 7, 2014.


When All Is Said And Done (2013)

(from A Story Within A Story)

The final movement to A Story Within A Story, my collaboration with Carrie Mae Weems, commissioned by The Society for New Music with generous support from The National Endowment for the Arts and The New York State Council on the Arts. This recording is an edited compilation of two performances from 2013 by The Society for New Music.


Dreamscape (2010)

We experience the surreality of dreams only in our conscious recollections. Dreamscape reflects the illogical sequence of dreams – at least as we may remember them – after a sleep rich with a variety of imagery and emotion. Composed in October 2010, Dreamscape was premiered by the Crane Wind Ensemble, Dr. Brian Doyle, conductor, on February 23, 2011.

Run (2009)


Run is an eight minute-sprint-as-an-ensemble through simple three-note motives and scalar passages involving both Bartokily chromatic languages and modal diatonicism in asymmetrical meters. Run was commissioned by the Capitol Quartet for their 2009 – 2010 season. This is an excerpt from their White Pine release Flex.

Three Episodes (2008)

Composed for Christopher Creviston and Oren Fader, here is an excerpt of the first episode: Twitch.


Corridors (2007)

A live recording of janus trio’s beautiful performance on April 23, 2013.

speed metal organum blues (2004)

Commissioned by PRISM Quartet in celebration of their 20th anniversary, this performance is by the Donald Sinta Quartet.

Duo Sonata (2002)

From the definitive studio recording featuring Robert Spring (Summit Records) and Timothy McAllister (Innova), this is the fourth movement.

Sonata deus sax machina – Mvt. I (2000)

This is the first movement of the Sonata for alto saxophone and piano composed for Timothy McAllister in 2000. Sonata deus sax machina was premiered at the World Saxophone Congress in July 2000 in Montreal by Timothy McAllister and David Heinick.

Night, Night Listen Well (1992)

Night, Night Listen Well is simply a setting of Michael Fitzgerald’s poem of the same name. The work was composed for countertenor Steven Rickards.

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