A New Review of “The Space Between Us”

Hey, hey! I’m thrilled to share this wonderful review by Joshua Kosman, the classical music critic for the San Francisco Chronicle:

By turns frenetic and soulful, the five pieces on this new release plunge a listener sharply into the world of the Akropolis Reed Quintet, a sharp, sleek ensemble out of the University of Michigan. Four of the pieces were commissioned by the group, and they share a fondness for funky rhythms, angular textures and slightly aggressive rhetoric — all of which might make the disc a little wearying in the aggregate if the music weren’t so shapely and smart. Moreover, the lyrical episodes that are scattered throughout — particularly the slow movements of the title work by Gregory Wanamaker, and John Steinmetz’s concluding “Sorrow & Celebration,” which calls for participation from the audience — are pure gold, shot through with tenderness and grace. Leading off is the startling, ingenious “Jesus Is Coming” by the Dutch composer known as Jacob TV, which builds densely layered textures from taped samples of two small children and a terrifyingly unhinged New York street preacher. It’s a piece you can’t unhear.

Joshua Kosman, The San Francisco Chronicle, April 24, 2017


The Space Between Us is available on Amazon, iTunes, and directly from innova’s website. Get yours now!



Protect the National Endowment for the Arts

The Arts, as a single entity, defines society. From Architecture to Music (and all points in between), all nations are easily identified by their artistic styles and their modes of expression. The Arts are quite simply those things that define WHO WE ARE as human beings. Indeed, there was a time where freedom of expression… Continue Reading

Laude! New Music for The Holidays.

Laude! is my latest collaboration with my friend and partner in crime Garth Bardsley. Approximately 23 minutes in duration, Laude! celebrates celebrates Peace and Hope during a time of emptiness and despair. The work borrows melodies and words from the 13th century Italian Codex Laudario di Cortona with the addition of profound and beautiful contemporary words by Garth Bardsley. Laude! is… Continue Reading

A preview of The Space Between Us!

The Space Between Us   The Space Between Us was commissioned by the amazing Akropolis Reed Quintet to be the title work for their March 2017 release on the Innova label. Here is a trailer for Akropolis Reed Quintet’s forthcoming album featuring my music (the title track) in the background: Recorded in May 2016 in Ann Arbor, this album features music… Continue Reading

Collaborating with Akropolis Reed Quintet

My new work The Space Between Us was commissioned by the amazing Akropolis Reed Quintet. It is the title track for their third album they are recording in May for release in Fall 2016. Check out my interview with them in their blog. And even though (as Frank Zappa is believed to have said) “Talking about music is like dancing about… Continue Reading

About “of Light and Shadows”

of Light and Shadows is my second sonata for alto saxophone and piano. Composed fifteen years after my first, deus sax machina, the piece is in two contrasting movements that reflect on the interactions between light and light’s shadow-creating obstructors. The first movement, Luminant Shadows, is a slow and sustained nocturne in arch form. The… Continue Reading

While it’s still the Christmas season…

… stream Stella Nuova from the WPBS production of “Festive Celebration: The Crane Candlelight Concert 2014” This concert also features two works by my friend and teacher William Averitt: All Through the Night (at 7:05) and Alleluia, The Mother Sings (at 33:26). My Stella Nuova, with words by Garth Bardsley, opens the concert (at 1:19).… Continue Reading

Duo Entre Nous‬ and Gregory Wanamaker

Nice words about Ragahoro Breakdown by Melissa Morales from Lisa’s Clarinet Shop. “Earlier this week the saxophone and clarinet duo Duo Entre Nous‬ released a recording of a new work, Ragahoro Breakdown, that they commissioned from composer and Crane School of Music at SUNY Potsdam professor, Gregory Wanamaker. Duo members Jackie Glazier, Clarinet and Don-Paul… Continue Reading

Ragahoro Breakdown

Ragahoro Breakdown is my second duo for clarinet and saxophone. It is a virtuosic musical fantasy combining textural and modal elements of North Indian Raga with rhythmic and metric characteristics of a Bulgarian Petrunino Horo with subtle hints of American folk music. The piece is a dynamic, temporal, and textural crescendo to the end. Ragahoro… Continue Reading

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