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Album release notes: Comments about …unsettled, unphased…

Robert Young and Amir Young put together this wonderful video during the rehearsals and recording of …unsettled, unphased…, the second on Light and Shadows, Waves and Time to be released on Navona Records on April 13, 2018. The track features Robert Young on tenor saxophone, pianist M. Maxwell Howard, John Geggie on double bass, and… Continue Reading

Throwback Thursday (Happy Birthday, Mr. Sax!)

In honor of the 200th Birthday of Adolphe Sax (and Throwback Thursday), here is an excerpt of my first work with saxophone. Cyclic Movements was composed in 1995 at the request of Patrick Meighan while I was a graduate student at Florida State University. This recording of the second movement is from the premiere performance, which… Continue Reading

About A Story Within A Story

I re-ran across this very cool video made by Cynthia Johnston Turner via Google Glass, which captures some backstage footage and the first 18 minutes of a 40 minute performance of A Story Within A Story from her conductor’s perspective. A Story Within A Story is my 2011 – 2013 collaboration with the brilliant artist Carrie Mae… Continue Reading

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